5 things you MUST know before buying jewelry

When buying jewels whether for you or for someone else you have to take into consideration several things that might not come to mind in the moment. Me and my sister have been working with jewels for a long time and we find that our friends always ask us the same “what we should know before buying jewels?”
 We gathered some of this tips and made a list for you to read:

1- Materials
Whether is nylon and beads or real gold you have to know and take into consideration before buying. And all this will depend of several things such as the occasion you are planning to buy for and the use you will give it, if you plan to go to a beach party you’ll think in waterproof items that enhance not only your body and outfit but also your skin tone. The most important about knowing the materials is that you will be making your jewel life longer, if you buy brass you should avoid at all cost water & perfume and storage in a dry not humid place, yes.. that is why your cheap jewelry goes green girl. Even if is gold plated eventually will tarnish. Our jewels are made with top grade soutache cord and stainless steel to avoid allergies, we test each jewel ourselves before start any sell.
2- Gemstones
Who doesn’t love an emerald necklace 😮‍💨 but this can be pricey. Semi precious stones are sometimes also pretty expensive. They look amazing and can become a statement in any outfit, easy to mix and match. If you don’t want to break your budget you can also get yourself some engineered diamonds 💎 or synthetic gems, basically the same just lighter and not as expensive, just be sure to have a good look before you buy as some can be not as cute as in the photos, be sure that they are not see trough, we always go for a not transparent gem to avoid any surprise. This are a good option and you can always find beautiful finds in our web page. If you go to our collections “petite” & “Curated by us” you’ll find good picks we try to add new things weekly.
3- Gifts
Often jewelry is the to-go gift. For Mother’s Day, valentines, even July 4th, I have seen gorgeous & unique Christmas jewelry. But people forget that is a gift, you find yourself scrolling, see something that you like in your price range and you buy it; next time stop and think: “will this person use this piece?” or “is this the best color match for her” one to go for us will be zodiac jewels, that will be dropping soon also & we offer gift wrapping and free shipping for special occasions, just email us if you are struggling with that gift!
4- Real Gold
We often find that trendy jewelry mist match one crucial element: lasting.
When me and my sister buy jewels, and make jewels we strive to make long lasting pieces. But we know that one girl forever love is gonna be gold pieces. Such as real gemstones this can become expensive too, we suggest buy in Vermeil Gold, soon to be found on our page to order just subscribe to be notified.
This gold is a less expensive gold plated option that is becoming pretty famous, I had several pieces to test them and let me tell you.. they are beautifully almost as real gold. Vermeil is a type of coating that is way thicker than usual and this is why is so amazing, usually the pieces are stainless steel or titanium steel coated with gold. That is why is so chunky! Go grab some pieces when we drop them as we will have them in offer.
5- Size
The size is everything, not only in rings but in each piece. When burying pieces look for the size and measure, it will depend on the earring length if it will shine with your neck or will be lying down in your shoulder. If a choker is not long enough it can literally choke you, and is not cute to use jewels that don't fit or don't enhance your natural beauty, so review the measure before buying and you will know what to expect. We offer the option to personalize the necklaces and the body jewels just email us or reach out via Instagram.

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